How to Have Energy-Efficient Roof?

You’ve carried out more than one way just to save on electricity, however, you still wonder why your electricity bills are still increasing that exceeds your budget. A lot of homeowners fail to recognize that their roof could be one of the possible reasons for their excess energy consumption.

Nearly 25 percent of heat is gained every summer season and heat lost every winter season, which passes through the covering of our houses. The heat transfer intends to maintain the temperature levels of the surrounding as it works up the cooling and heating systems of your home. Think about the wasted energy just to keep you comfy, still can make you whine at the idea of unsolicited bill surprises. If you want to know the solution to this problem, keep on reading this article as we discuss to you 3 best ways to achieve having an energy-efficient roof.

Apply cool roof coating

Once your roof is assessed to be greatly in need of being replaced into a new one, just removing the old shingles up and installing a brand new roofing material won’t be practical. Putting in a cool roof coating could possibly make your roof to be an energy-efficient covering. The coating’s an extremely thick paint, which is composed of reflective elements intended to reflect sunlight rather than penetrating the heat. Moreover, it can secure you from damage caused By UV light. Similar to what its name means, your roof can keep a lower and cooler temperature and also cools your home under your roof. As soon as a cool roof coating is applied, the normal roof temperature of 150 °F descends to almost 100 °F.

Choose and use contemporary materials

If now is the time that you are required to change your roof, energy efficiency should be the main consideration that you should aim to have. Nowadays, roofing advancements have factored in energy and maintenance expenses in the installation and making of state-of-the-art materials. The best materials to use to ideally display high resistance and energy efficiency to environmental elements such as rain and wind. Moreover, metal roofs can successfully reflect sunlight before heating up the house.

Improve insulation in your attic

You can greatly improve your energy efficiency if you just add attic insulation. Similar to roofs, insulation selection comes in several types like foam, spray, or blow-in. Make sure to let the professionals do the roof work and installation for you to guarantee that you will get the best out of the benefits that the cooling and heating provides as you save on your energy consumptions at the same time. Aside from that, insulating your property can provide protection all over the seasons while it aids in regulating and maintaining the temperature of your surroundings. Also, it can contain heat in your house in cold winter days as it stops cool air from escaping out during the summer season.

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